EJ and Florrie Bleendreeble's

Fergus the Magic Bus

Welcome to Fergus the Magic Bus!

Here's our web site, dedicated to the reincarnation of Fergus the Magic Bus (to see him in a previous existence, check out Fergus Senior in the links above).


We've had a couple of camping vehicles since Fergus Senior went to his reward. The first was Ellie, the Honda Element, and she is still with us and still sporting her Ursa Minor pop-up roof. But Ellie proved too modest for our needs, so I bought a Honda Odyssey minivan and did a primitive camper conversion on that. For reasons I'll discuss some time or another, that was not entirely satisfactory in several regards, and early in 2016 it was replaced with new Fergus.


If you have come to this site under the impression that we are old-world crafts-people who will amaze you with our engineering conversion skills, then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. The Ford Transit forum has several excellent and quality conversions, but those represent an approach that is perhaps the antithesis of ours. We'll talk elsewhere about our philosophy of van-based camping because we think it's important to know exactly what we are aiming for; right now, it's probably enough to say that we have a pretty minimalist approach. We tend to follow the 80-20 rule - that is to say, 80% of what you'd ideally like can be achieved with 20% of the time, effort, and expense. Then you can spend the other 80% of your time camping ....

We're right, you're right, everybody's right

We don't think there's any right or wrong about camping-van conversions. Some folks want them to be just so, some are happy to get by with the bare minimum, and most of us lie somewhere in-between. We have been happy to steal ideas from people in all these categories, and this site is, to some extent, a way of saying "thank you" to them all.