EJ and Florrie Bleendreeble's

Fergus the Magic Bus

BleenSeat: Seat Covers

Whenever Florrie and I purchase a vehicle that we might take camping, there are two things we do the moment it arrives:

  • Cover the carpets with industrial-strength something-or-another;
  • Get some seat covers on those nice new fabric seats.
If you've been camping, you know why. It's simply amazing how much of the outside world can end up inside your van, and most of that outside world is dirty.

Happily, Fergus didn't need his carpets covering, because he didn't come with any - he had that rubber/vinyl floor mat. But those good-looking entry-level cloth seats - dear me! Something had to be done to protect those pronto.

Previous experience

We had used seat covers from AutoAnything.com for Sissey the Odyssey. These were promoted as being pretty much indestructible by anything less than a nuclear attack, but in the event the cloth started to grow little hairs along the seams where our bums rubbed against them getting in and out - rather like a sparse, blond beard on an early American settler. However, esthetics come second with seat covers. They protected the seats - that was the main thing.


AutoAnything.com had some Transit covers called CalTrend Dura-Plus Canvas Seat Covers, and these were available in black and gray which matched Fergus and his new BleenBeds. These don't offer an opening to accommodate the lumbar support knob on the driver's seat, but you can open the Velcro fitting just below it if you need to adjust it.

Aftermarket seat covers rarely fit perfectly, but these are pretty close, though the arm is stitched in a peculiar way. And they are an excellent match for Fergus himself.

They were fairly easy to get on. Having a friend who was two feet tall with six foot-long arms would definitely have facilitated installation beneath the seat, however.

We can't yet speak to durability, of course. We got them on sale: generally, they appear to be something over $200.