EJ and Florrie Bleendreeble's

Fergus the Magic Bus

Fergus as Delivered

This is what Fergus looked like inside, when we took delivery of him. Sure, we could have waited several weeks or even months to get exactly what we wanted. But it turned out that he arrived with some little extras that we didn't know we wanted ... and those have proved to be very useful.

How it works

Those of you that have purchased your own Transits - heck, that have purchased any vehicle at all - know exactly how it goes:

Do you have that model with cruise control?

Yes, we do!

How much is it?

Only $1,299!

That seems a lot for cruise control ....

Well, it comes as part of the "Largely Useless Option" Package. You don't just get cruise control. You get upgraded floor mats with "Ford" written on them in that nice old-fashioned wavy writing, deluxe fur-lined ashtray, and automatic nose-wiper ....

I don't think there's any question that some of this went on around our purchase of Fergus. But there was another factor at play, and that was our desire to buy from stock. We had specified a base model, asking only for cruise control, an opening window in the side cargo door, and windows in the back doors. But those small, additional requirements limited the availability of vehicles. If it came from stock, it might well have other options besides.

A little diversion

It may be worth taking a moment to describe here our experience of buying Fergus over the Internet. Ultimately we heard from ten or more dealerships in and around a large Texas city. I would grade their salespeople as follows:
  • Super-competent: 1
  • Mildly competent: 1
  • Rather less competent: Everyone else
The super-competent salesperson did the following:
  • Found the vehicle with everything we asked for in two hours (and asked immediately for the sale);
  • Sent us the window sticker (and asked again for the sale);
  • Agreed a price with us (and asked again for the sale);
  • Observed exactly the limitations we placed on communications: e-mail only, no phone calls, no texts;
  • Closed the deal in just under four hours.
The mildly competent salesperson found a matching vehicle over 200 miles away and asked us by phone (something we had said we didn't want to use) if we were interested.

Most of the others took a day or more to respond personally. One took over a week.

The really priceless part of the whole business was that our super-competent salesperson located the vehicle we wanted actually in the city. In fact, it was sitting on the lot at the dealership where the mildly competent salesperson worked.

What Fergus came with

In the event, Fergus came with:
  • A towing package. Thank heavens! We tow a little trailer when we both camp together, and I'd forgotten about it completely;
  • Load area protection package. Worth every penny. It meant that instead of a white rippled metal floor and bare walls with big holes in them, we had a rubber-vinyl carpet and black corrugated plastic covers on the walls: much cozier than we had anticipated;
  • Heavy-duty alternator and dual batteries. You can't have too much battery when you camp, so I had no objection to this at all;
  • Upfitter switches. Here's something else I had no objection to: four switches on the dashboard for 12-volt accessories;
  • Privacy glass. Not only good for stealthing, but generally desirable when you're camping.
We hope your buying experience is as pleasant (and as rapid) as ours was.