EJ and Florrie Bleendreeble's

Fergus the Magic Bus

Fergus Senior

We all know that the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao. In exactly the same way - well, now that I think about it, not at all in the same way - the Fergus that is featured in these pages is not the original Fergus. This is the original Fergus.

Fergus Senior was around about ten years ago, and we had a web site dedicated to him. We didn't trouble to save that web site when Fergus Senior was donated to our local PBS station, but someone else did: the Wayback Machine.

Sometime the Wayback Machine works, sometimes it doesn't. If you want to be transported back to a simpler time, when wifi was spelled Wi-Fi, vans had noisy doghouses, uncertain steering, and that ancient vinyl smell, and you could buy a new Class B for under $50K, perhaps the Wayback Machine link to the original Fergus the Magic Bus will work for you.